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Everything is
Ragtime Now

Allan Martin, piano
De Organographia

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Duration: 71 min.

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Although we today tend to associate it chiefly with the giants of the form, which include Scott Joplin, James Scott and Joseph Lamb, ragtime music is also the rich and extraordinary legacy of many forgotten composers from all over the United States. Increasing awareness of the vast variety of the ragtime repertoire has made possible the publication of a large number of relatively obscure pieces.

We present here a cross-section of this lesser-known ragtime music, ranging from the haunting folk melody of Levee Revels (1898) to the cinematic flair of Key-Stone Rag (1921), from the cakewalk At a Georgia Camp Meeting (1897) to unique, strutting Bantam Step (1916). From San Francisco to New York, New Orleans to Chicago, ragtime became synonymous with popular music. Charley Straight and J. B. Walsh summed it up perfectly when they wrote that "Everything is Ragtime Now".

While the bulk of this music survives in piano editions, ragtime was performed on a wide variety of instruments. Most of the composers were, however, accomplished pianists, who wrote with this instrument in mind. The inimitable Eubie Blake once remarked about playing ragtime, "Learn it as it is written, then play it your own way." We have taken this to heart, ornamenting repeated sections, underlining the elements of improvisation and creativity essential to the ragtime style.

program notes -- Allan Martin

Track Titles

1. Razzazza Mazzazza....Artrhur Pryor (1906)
2. Levee Revels...W.C. O'Hare (1898)
3. The Junkman Rag...Luckey Roberts (1913)
4. Bantam Step...Harry Jentes (1916)
5. The Jazz-Dance Repertoire...Shelton Brooks and Chris Smith (1920)
6. Sponge...W.C. Simon (1911)
7. Honey Rag...Egbert van Alstyne (1909)
8. Mandy's Broadway Stroll....Thomas Broady (1898)
9. The Original Chicago Blues...James White (1915)
10. At a Georgia Campmeeting...Kerry Mills (1897)
11. Cleanin' Up in Georgia...Harry Guy (1899)
12. Trombone Johnsen...E.J. Stark (1902)
13. Felix Rag...H.H. Skimming (1910)
14. Echoes from the Snowball Club...Harry Guy (1899)
15. Too Much Raspberry...Sydney Russell (1916)
16. The Amazon Rag...Teddy Hahn (1904)
17. Who Let the Cows Out?...Charles Humfeld (1910)
18. Turkey in the Straw, A Rag-Time Fantasie...Otto Bonnell (1899)
19. Majestic Rag...Ben Rawls and Royal Neel (1914)
20. Key-Stone Rag...Willie Anderson (1921)
21. Everything is Ragtime Now...Charley Straight and J.B. Walsh (c.1913)


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[ 1 ]   Razzazza Mazzazza  (piano) - 1906
         [Arthur Pryor]
[ 2 ]   Levee Revels  (piano & brass) - 1898
         [William Christopher O'Hare]
[ 3 ]   The Junkman Rag  (voice & piano) - 1913
         [C. Luckyth Roberts, Chris Smith, F. E. Mierisch]
[ 4 ]   Bantam Step  (piano) - 1916
         [Harry Jentes]
[ 5 ]   The Jazz-Dance Repertoire  (brass) - 1920
         [Shelton Brooks]

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