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Joseph Waters

Joseph Waters studied
composition at Yale Uni-
versity. His primary
teachers were Jacob
Druckman, Bernard Rands,
Roger Reynolds, Dominick
Argento and Martin Bresnick.

His works are regularly performed around the world.
Recent performances of his electro-acoustic composition,
"When the Clouds So Boldly Painted on the Sky . . . "
(for either koto, zheng or harp with electronics) have
been enthusiastically received at the Hong Kong Cultural
Center as part of the Festival of Chinese Arts and at the
International Computer Music Conference (ICMA) in Beijing
with Chinese Virtuosi player, Li Meng performing at both of
these venues. Previous performances of this work have
been at ISMEAM '98, in Sarvar, Hungary, and again in
Reprise: The Best of Sarvar, in Budapest (Hungary),
the ALTERNATIVA Festival Moscow (Russia), MUSICA
NOVA, in Londrina, Brazil, and in several locations in
the U.S. including the Society of Electro Acoustic Music
(SEAMUS) in Denton, Texas. Another recent electro-
acoustic piece, "Sarajevo," was performed in live concert/
radio simulcast in Budapest (Hungary) as part of Hungarian
Radio's Music of Our Century Festival, and again at
ISMEAM '99, in Sarvar, Hungary. The electronic version
of "Drum Ride" for piano and electronics has been presented
at the University of Cadiz (Spain) as well as performed in
the U.S. Most recently a new work, "Garden of Kali," for
electronics and chamber ensemble with animated video
has been enthusiastically received when performed by
FEAR NO MUSIC in Portland, Oregon.

Concerts planned for 2000-2001 include: "Sulphur-
Crested Cockatoos" in 4 locations in the Seattle area
by the choir, Esoterics; a new work for Mexican flutist,
Alejandro Escuer with electronics for performances
in Mexico City and London; and another new work for
'cellist, Phil Hansen of Fear No Music to be performed
in their winter 2000 concert in Portland.

Joseph Waters is the Artistic Director of the North
West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization (NWEAMO)
in Portland, Oregon. He also founded and co-directed
Network for New Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
during the 1980s.

He has received numerous awards in composition,
including National Endowment for the Arts/Rockefeller
Foundation, Regional Arts and Culture Council and
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grants.

In addition he has taught music composition, theory
and electronic music at Lewis & Clark College in
Portland, Oregon since 1993.

On the NPM Label, Joseph Waters' works
are heard on the recording:

Joseph Waters

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