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Turtle Island Dreams

Turtle Island Dances

Jack Gabel

New World Age
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Duration: 67 min.

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Jack Gabel

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photo: © 1999 Francoise Simoneau

   Since starting North Pacific Music in 1991, as a purely artistic outlet, a simple description of its musical direction has never been easy; but, perhaps my own work from 1995 might better serve.

   Inspired by the most ancient known American musical traditions, Turtle Island Dreams - Turtle Island Dances is a suite of widely varied and sophisticated tone poems, based entirely on Native American songs, dances and chants. The work is not intended to interpret or authenticate, but to develop artistically with honor and respect.

"...the aural ecstasy of Turtle Island...One of the most original and challenging CDs I've heard all year...a dreamtime journey that is as contemplative as it is hallucinatory."
-- Matthew Moon, Crossroads

"...continually sounds fresh and reveals more depth with each listening."
-- Matthew Moon (Crossroads)

"...a unique and valuable Northwest voice."
-- Brett Campbell (Eugene Weekly)

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[ 1 ]  Love Dance  [Lakota] LISTEN
[ 2 ]  Night Chant  [Navajo] LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Flute Song  [Hopi] LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Corn Grinding Song  [Laguna] LISTEN
[ 5 ]  Wind Song  [Kiowa] LISTEN
[ 6 ]  Lullaby  [Kiowa] LISTEN
[ 7 ]  Wailing Song  [Winnebago] LISTEN
[ 8 ]  Dream of Wakiash  [KwakiutI] LISTEN
[ 9 ]  Love Song  [Lakota] LISTEN

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