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Dog Star

Jack Gabel

Avant Garde
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Duration: 74 min.

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Jack Gabel

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Jack Gabel, (b. 1949 -) presently lives in Portland, Oregon. He has traveled extensively, throughout Europe, Africa and Asia and worked many summers as a commercial fisherman in Alaska.

Jack Gabel has written numerous concert hall works for many different combinations of instruments and voices, with and without electroacoustic accompaniments and/or enhancements. He also creates mixed-media works alone and with collaborators, using musique concrete and poetry, frequently his own, some of which has been published apart from its use in contemporary performance pieces and more traditional settings for singers.

Though classically trained with composers Derek Healey, Tomas Svoboda and poet Ralph Salisbury, Gabel recounts as his most memorable musical experience, the impromptu jam session he had with an Afghan tribesman in a Herat tea house in 1972 -- the composer on mouth organ and the local talent holding forth on his handmade, rough-hewn, 3-string lute. The two miraculously found a common modality straight away and carried on for several hours. "No concert-hall premiere or recording session can to date compare," adds the composer, "nor likely ever will."

Today, Gabel's work is infused with widely varied ethnic and ancient colors and motives, most notably those of the ancient, native cultures of North America.

His 1997 article on electronic music for the All Music Guide can be found at Bob's Music Index.


"The CD release event at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center Portland, April 10-11-12-13, 2003 was "Lyricism Electrified"
-- David Stabler (The Oregonian)

"Twenty years of electroacoustics slips into the mix for this, Jack Gabel's 2nd solo release. From the elegant opening Somewhere Suite through the poetic Comet Crash 9 -- a tribute to the famous Shoemaker Levy 9, which rocketed into Jupiter at the very moment the work's tracks were first laid and later infused with the famous Gerard Manley Hopkins text, I am Like a Slip of Comet... -- and on to the title track setting of the poetic tribute to the composer's own cosmic canine, Dog Star, Gabel relentlessly pursues the outer limits of electroacoustic poesy with works dating from the early eighties to some of his most recent collaborations with such upcoming Northwest artists as flutist Tessa Brinckman in The Wind and the Rain."
-- Hudební rozhledy

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 [ 1 ]  Somewhere Suite  (1st mov.) LISTEN
 [ 2 ]  Somewhere Suite  (2nd mov.) LISTEN
 [ 3 ]  Somewhere Suite  (3rd mov.) LISTEN
 [ 4 ]   Dog Star LISTEN
 [ 5 ]   Myriam's Dance LISTEN
 [ 6 ]   Metro Dreams LISTEN
 [ 7 ]   When Nobody's Looking LISTEN
 [ 8 ]   Rail Ride LISTEN
 [ 9 ]   Comet Crash 9 LISTEN
 [10]   Waltzing the Sun LISTEN
 [11]   Consommation Mècanique LISTEN
 [12]   Wind and the Rain LISTEN


Dog Star

In the distance
     the Dog Star's echo
It went out there when first
     he faced his hungry abandon
It was already growing
     deep in his braided chest
     where no one had ever been
It sailed out over the city
     and mingled with others
     some centuries old
     some from ancient packs
It reached from inside my ear
     while I slept
     reached into deep firmament
     and led me out
     to meet my own hungry abandon
     running on the edge
     not knowing if the pack
     will catch up
     or turn away forever
In the distance
     the Dog Star's echo
     still out there
     still in deep firmament
     hungry abandon
     where no face lingers
Retreat from so far distant
     into the melee of the pack
     the polyphony of hearts beating
     familiar smells
     the joy on the crispest
     seven-dog night
Nights the Dog Star's echo
     reaches into all
     into hungry abandon
     deep firmament and
     into the anchor of the pack

© 1998 Jackie T. Gabel

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