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For children: rich poetic imagery
with lyrical musical phrases

Chamber Music
Laura Zaerr, Harp
Soprano Laura Berryhill
with flutists Diane Hawkins
and Melanie Place

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Durations: 54:49

Price: $14.95

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“Take me to your Dreamland in a rowboat of pearl, with oars wrought of silver to show me your world.” Harpist Laura Zaerr has created a vivid and alluring musical dream world in her original new CD Dreamland. Laura’s gift for blending rich poetic imagery with lyrical musical phrases creates a varied set of lullabies to inspire the child of your heart. Soprano Laura Berryhill with flutists Diane Hawkins and Melanie Place add depth to the velvety sounds of the harp.

The album carries an international theme as well. If You Come from China is written for adoptive families of all shapes and sizes. Part of the proceeds of each CD sale will help fund the Chengde Social Welfare Institute in China, which is home for 40 children who are not up for adoption.

lyric samples

Do you rest by a pool in the quiet and cool
       on an ev'ning of amber skies?
Does the vibrating breeze as it tugs at the reeds
       sing a melody Pan devised?
Do you tread on the grass and the leaves of the path
       where once Orpheus did learn his skill?
Do the stings of his lyre set your heart on fire
       with the echoes that linger still?

All the little children all a-round the world
       love to play all day and dance and twirl.
When the sun is shining they're busy as can be.
When the sun has gone to bed
       they close their eyes, and sleep.

Who can tell the moment,
       when the rain is in the air,
       and the golden fingered sunlight
       wraps a rainbow 'round it's hair?
And who can tell the moment,
       on a brilliant summer's day,
       when the rippling green of Spring
       will turn to golden crested hay?

track samples - 60 sec.

1. Take Me to Your Dreamland

2. Invitation

3. When I Think of You I Smile

4. Hymn

5. Are You Sleeping?

6. Dance
     (Song of the Ass)

7. Angelus ad virginem
     (Sussex Carol)

8. Winter Lullaby est
     (Personent hodie) (Edi beo thu)

9. Who Can Tell the Moment?

10. Nocturnel

11. Tambourine

12. Celebration

13. Listen to the Quiet

14. Invisible Star

Laura Zaerr

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