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The Acoustic Era
Volume 1

Stan Stanford,

Clarinet Recordings

upc# 6 11226 23652 5

Duration: 73 min.

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Historical recordings of famous late 19th and early 20th Century clarinet virtuosi from original wax cylinders and disks, compiled and produced by Stan Stanford, Professor of Clarinet Studies, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.

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[ 1 ]   Old Black Joe with Variations  [Unknown] LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Mayflower Polonaise  [Pierre Leo] LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Home Sweet Home Variations  [William Tuson] LISTEN
[ 4 ]   Polonaise Brilliant  [William Tuson] LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Fantasia Somnambula  [William Tuson] LISTEN
[ 6 ]   The Butterfly (with flute)  [George Rubel] LISTEN
[ 7 ]   Somnambula Themes (with flute)  [A. Giammateo] LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Clog Dance  [August Stengler] LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Pizzicati  [F. Jardella] LISTEN
[10]   Thoughts of Home Polka  [Stengler & McNeice] LISTEN
[11]   Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana  [T. Pusinelli] LISTEN
[12]   Louisa di Montfort  [Unknown] LISTEN
[13]   Salome Intermezzo  [George McNeice] LISTEN
[14]   Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana  [George McNeice] LISTEN
[15]   Angels Serenade  [George McNeice] LISTEN
[16]   Luxembourg Serenade  [Leo Madaer] LISTEN
[17]   Spring Greetings (with flute)  [Louis Christie] LISTEN
[18]   Lucria Borgia  [M. Lefevre] LISTEN
[19]   Contertino (Weber)  [Charles Draper LISTEN
[20]   Polonaise (Weber)  [George Grisez] LISTEN
[21]   Mignon-Polonese (Thomas)  [George Grisez] LISTEN
[22]   Erwin I  [Pathe Orchestra] LISTEN
[23]   March Grotesque  [Renard Quartet] LISTEN
[24]   Minuet  [Renard Quartet] LISTEN
[25]   * Theme Varie & L'Avalanche  (1928)  [Felix Vivier] LISTEN
[26]   * Bessie Caprice  (1928)  [Felix Vivier] LISTEN
       * electrically recorded

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