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Joseph M. Levin


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Duration: 34 min.

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About the Composer

I first experienced the physical power of music when, as a little boy, my parents took me to an outdoor concert at Wolf Trap. The explosion from Beethoven's kettle drums knocked me off my parents' blanket and onto the grass. I covered a lot of ground in that short distance because from that point forward I was aware of music as a force unto itself. I had gone through a passageway and come out a different person.

Classical training in composition with Leo Edwards at the Mannes College of Music in New York City and private jazz studies with Eric Goletz and other artists are the foundation upon which my compositions are built.

About the Music

The compositions on the Cd are "aural dramas" about the forces that create passageways and the beings that move through them.

White Russian: soldiers rush through a break in the line and press the advantage.

Rip Tide: churning beneath the water's surface, cross currents drive a swimmer farther and farther from shore.

Henry VIII: a prideful and paranoid king follows the threads of real or imagined subversive plots.

Passageways: an ill parent ebbs away, forcing adulthood on the child.

Black Bear Walking: an innocent and playful bear meanders through his territory.

Serious Child: a child toddles down a hallway to investigate something.

Battle Cry of Freedom: an exhausted Union army slogs through the muddy backwoods of the South.

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[ 1 ]   White Russian LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Rip Tide LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Henry VIII  (I. Coat of Arms) LISTEN
[ 4 ]   Henry VIII  (II. Still Born) LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Henry VIII  (III. Fool's Fugue) LISTEN
[ 6 ]   Henry VIII  (IV. Treason: It Could be True) LISTEN
[ 7 ]   Passageways  (I. Writing on the Wall) LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Passageways  (II. Echoes) LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Passageways  (III. Safe Harbor) LISTEN
[10]   Black Bear Walking LISTEN
[11]   Serious Child LISTEN
[12]   Battle Cry of Freedom LISTEN


Track 1:
Title: White Russian
One Movement String Quartet
Composer: Joseph M. Levin

Track 2:
Title: Rip Tide
One Movement Piano Solo
Composer: Joseph M. Levin

Track 3 - 6:
Title: Henry VIII (Brass Quintet)
1st Movement: Coat Of Arms
2nd Movement: Still Born
3rd Movement: Fool's Fugue
4th Movement: Treason: It Could Be True
Composer: Joseph M. Levin

Track 7-9:
Title: Passageways (Solo Cello)
1st Movement: Writing on the Wall
2nd Movement: Echoes
3rd Movement: Safe Harbor
Composer: Joseph M. Levin

Track 10:
Title: Black Bear Walking
One Movement Solo Trombone
Composer: Joseph M. Levin

Track 11:
Title: Serious Child
One Movement Piano Solo
Composer: Joseph M. Levin

Track 12:
Title: Battle Cry Of Freedom
One Movement Cornet Duet
Composer: G.F. Root
Arranger: Joseph M. Levin