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Valeri Dimchev

joy as a teardrop

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Duration: 69 min.

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About Valeri Dimchev

Valeri Dimchev graduated from the Folk Music School Shiroka-Luka and Music Academy-Plovdiv, specializing in tamboura. He is a professional teacher, tamboura player and composer. Valeri Dimchev's music, either originally composed or traditional, is deeply rooted in the melodic and rhythmic tradition of Bulgaria.

His musicianship is based on performance of traditional melodies in a traditional manner, while illuminating the possibilities of the quintessential Bulgarian folk instrument, the tamboura, beyond its traditional use through the more common contemporary approaches. His music is filled with inspirational improvisation, harmonization, resulting in expansive music making on the professional contemporary a stage and recording studio.

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[ 1 ]  Biljana LISTEN
[ 2 ]  Snoshti Vecher LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Pirinski Vodi LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Gypsy Summer LISTEN
[ 5 ]  Tamburitza LISTEN
[ 6 ]  Sweet Dream LISTEN
[ 7 ]  Echo From Pirin LISTEN
[ 8 ]  Krivitzi LISTEN
[ 9 ]  Joy As a Teardrop LISTEN
[10]  Balkan Saga LISTEN
[11]  Trakia LISTEN
[12]  Gonitba LISTEN
[13]  Finesse LISTEN