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Dancing Water

Carl Saffira

Vocal, acoustical jazz
upc# 6 78277 08132 1

Duration: 60 min.

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The healing powers of water are the inspiration for the compositions in this unique musical journey, through the symbolism of rain, snow, natural springs, creeks, rapids, lakes, rivers, oceans, geysers and fountains. Though all original, the music feels strangely familiar, as if a gentle wind of memory has brought it to our awareness once again. We sense that this same wind has taken these sounds and woven them into a fabric of colorful orchestration and creative improvisations, breathing into them the essence of water, in various mixtures with earth, air, and fire.

This music is enjoyable and effective both for background and for focused listening. This is because the pieces approach the relaxation factor from a different angle (employing the science of intonation and resonance). This approach frees the composer to create new, lush orchestrations and fascinating harmonies through key changes.

Although the piano music in this CD was recorded from a Yamaha C4 grand piano, you will find that the sound you hear is different from what you are used to. This is because the sound has been digitally altered to resonate with your own internal organs as you listen, creating a delightful soothing effect. Far from being a fantasy, this effect is based on extensive research performed by a team of French neuro-scientists, headed by the eminent scientist, Dr. Paul Nogier.

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[ 1 ]  Iridescent Lake LISTEN
[ 2 ]  Cold Mountain LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Melting Snow LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Alpine Spring LISTEN
[ 5 ]  Beautiful Bird LISTEN
[ 6 ]  Garden of the Divine Mother LISTEN
[ 7 ]  Kamesvari LISTEN
[ 8 ]  Grace Chant LISTEN
[ 9 ]  Rapids of Life LISTEN
[10]  Faith is Risk LISTEN
[11]  River of My Heart LISTEN
[12]  Buck Through the Tide LISTEN
[13]  Spring Tide LISTEN