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Water Circle

Shawn Donahoo

New World Age

upc# 6 05103 00012 6

Duration: 44 min.

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Notes & Reviews

Shawn Donahoo's digital electro-acoustics on the theme of water's natural movement and rejuvenating powers is receiving national airplay and enthusiastic reviews.

"...gentle and relaxing, yet at the same time strong and encompassing... could easily conjure mountain streams... jungle rivers...underground ponds... sure to calm your very being with images that relate to your soul..."
-- Richard Fuller (Metaphysical Review)

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[ 1 ]   Prelude  (to Ancient Ritual) LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Ancient ritual   LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Prelude  (to Sirens' Song) LISTEN
[ 4 ]   Sirens' Song   LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Prelude  (to Dance of the Mermaids) LISTEN
[ 6 ]   Dance of the Mermaids   LISTEN
[ 7 ]   Prelude  (to Walden Pond) LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Walden Pond   LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Prelude  (to Bayside Ballad) LISTEN
[10]   Bayside Ballad   LISTEN
[11]   Prelude  (to Night River Reflections) LISTEN
[12]   Night River Reflections   LISTEN
[13]   Prelude  (to New Growth) LISTEN
[14]   New Growth   LISTEN
[15]   Prelude  (to Choreographic) LISTEN
[16]   Choreographic   LISTEN

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