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Jeff Defty

Vanish Into Blue

New World Age

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Duration: 49 min.

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"Jeff Defty's debut CD is a real tour de force: "... This album has enough moments of remarkable beauty and rare insight to last you a lifetime."
-- Fred Crafts (KUGN-FM Radio)

"...at the core, stylistic images rotate and reflect a prism-like essence that permeates the album from start to end." -- Lloyd Barde (Backroads Music)

"The compositions of Jeff Defty are notable in their elegance and high degree of visual impact. His debut album can definitely be categorized as 'thinking person's' New Age music, and it is receiving considerable air play around the country."
-- Ken Gruen (New Frontier Magazine)

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[ 1 ]   Labyrinth   LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Ariadne's Thread   LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Vanish Into Blue   LISTEN
[ 4 ]   The Gandharvas   LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Return   LISTEN
[ 6 ]   Uncle Bouki   LISTEN
[ 7 ]   Vision Quest   LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Medicine Wheel   LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Fire Dance   LISTEN