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Valerie Brown

Uneasy Sleep


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Duration: 44 min.

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Notes & Reviews

Valerie Brown has come of age as both singer and songwriter, working in a genre not especially well-known for such a classification. Her debut CD is a treat for those who might harbor a longing for a contemporary Sarah Vaughn.

"...distinguished by her sharp imagery and the moments of jazz expressiveness provided by her accomplished band..."
-- Lynn Darroch (The Oregonian)

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[ 1 ]   Arbitrary Love   LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Small Birds   LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Your Name Here   LISTEN
[ 4 ]   A Doll in Your Hands   LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Such a Thing As Love   LISTEN
[ 6 ]   Tell Me Somethin' (I Don't Know) LISTEN
[ 7 ]   That Girl Named Mary   LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Love & Death   LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Uneasy Sleep   LISTEN
[10]   Talk Is Cheap   LISTEN
[11]   Ruby's Fool   LISTEN
[12]   Paradise Cafe   LISTEN