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Tom Bergeron

Saxophone Alone

Classical saxophone

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Duration: 59 min.

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What deems this effort truly avant-garde is Tom Bergeron's sheer scope and intense artistry in interpreting and creating, with the alto saxophone alone, a riveting hour of music, ranging through works by Telemann, Britten, Persichetti, Bonneau, White and his own unique Saxalone set.

"Bergeron's rounded tone is so smooth, his dynamic control so exquisite that the sound envelopes you like a cool flannel sheet...a treat for fans of jazz, baroque and classical music alike."
-- Brett Campbell (Eugene Weekly)

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[ 1 ]   Saxalone 1: Morning Swing  [Bergeron] LISTEN
       Six Metamorphoses After Ovid  [Britten]  
[ 2 ]       I. Pan LISTEN
[ 3 ]       II. Phaeton LISTEN
[ 4 ]       III. Niobe LISTEN
[ 5 ]       IV. Bacchus LISTEN
[ 6 ]       V. Narcissus LISTEN
[ 7 ]       VI. Arethusa LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Saxalone 2: Cloud Forest  [Bergeron] LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Parable XI  [Persichetti] LISTEN
[10]   Saxalone 3: Rubber Waltz  [Bergeron] LISTEN
[11]   Caprice en forme de valse  [Bonneau] LISTEN
[12]   Saxalone 4: Red Tail  [Bergeron] LISTEN
       Recitative & Presto  [White]  
[13]       I. Recitative LISTEN
[14]       II. Presto LISTEN
[15]   Saxalone 5: Prelude & Blues  [Bergeron] LISTEN
       Fantasia #5  [Telemann]  
[16]       I. Presto LISTEN
[17]       II. Allegro LISTEN

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