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Jan Malek

Jan Malek's work can be heard
on the NPM recording:

Music from Bohemia

Jan malek was born on May 18, 1938, in Prague. A well-known Czech composer, he studied composition with Miloslav Kabelac from 1956-61. After graduation from the Prague Conservatory, he worked for many years as a music director and technician at Plzen Radio, then later at Prague Radio. He is a prolific composer whose musical personality is specifically characterized in short motivic statements.

Malek is strongly influenced by the richness of Czech folklore. His large catalog is versatile: Three Stages for orchestra and tape, a concerto grosso, a concerto for bag-pipes and orchesra, a symphony based on a folk song, a piano concerto, two string quartets, numerous pieces for mixed choir and many folk tune arrangements.

His Winter Solsticewas commissioned Trio Spektrum. The mellow, dark timbre of the clarinet sets the mood for this meditative single movement. The piece is divided into three sections: a slow chorale, a fast neorenaissance dance, and then a return to a slow majestic dialogue which closes this evocative work.

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