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Rhythm Ensemble

Avant garde

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Duration: 41 min.

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Notes & Reivews

Mike Curtis, woodwinds; Dave Storrs, percussion & tuba; Rob Blakeslee, trumpet; Dan Scollard, timbales, join their substantially varied and creative talents in a suite of 17 "snapshot" miniatures, structured over percussion "landscapes" created to embody in each a distinctive emotional affectation -- a subtly baroque approach to a roughly post-modern jazz.

"...a feast for jazz lovers and Mickey Hart fans."
-- Brett Campbell (Eugene Weekly)

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[ 1 ]   Going Home LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Slide LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Ode To A Rainforest LISTEN
[ 4 ]   Double Parked Where I Wanna Be LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Ernie (Zambezi Float) LISTEN
[ 6 ]   Cicadas LISTEN
[ 7 ]   The Deep Southeast LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Quilt From Nairobi LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Here LISTEN
[10]   Box O' Rocks LISTEN
[11]   High Tension Wires LISTEN
[12]   Call Rob B. LISTEN
[13]   Burning Field LISTEN
[14]   Venezuelan Tourist Trap LISTEN
[15]   Seemed Right LISTEN
[16]   Smokey Night In Panguam LISTEN
[17]   Parked LISTEN
[18]   Maybe Not Monroe LISTEN