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Tom Bergeron

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Duration: 49 min.

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Labirynt's debut CD with Tom Bergeron covers amazing territory: D'Avalos finds us with gypsies in a calypso club -- as if Django's Club Hot had set up shop in Trinidad -- then moves on into an ultra-lyrical sort of Euro-techno fusion with Utopian Eyes, and on to full free form in Wachock Impressions, before pointing both further East and West from there.

With first-rate instrumental chops and strong compositions, Labirynt leads us through a maze of impressive scope: Tom Bergeron, soprano sax; Henryk Gembalski, violin; Krzysztof Majchrzak, electric bass; Michal Zduniak, drums.

"Although Bergeron's music fits the fuzzy category we call jazz, he's commendably refused to accept the limitations of genre.... By thoughtfully embracing many traditions, Bergeron brings the strengths of all to each project and transcends any pigeonhole."
-- Brett Campbell (Eugene Weekly)

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[ 1 ]   D'Avalos LISTEN
[ 2 ]   Utopian Eyes LISTEN
[ 3 ]   Wachock Impressions LISTEN
[ 4 ]   Taniec Kozla LISTEN
[ 5 ]   Woodland Soundscape LISTEN
[ 6 ]   Uwazaj Na Weze LISTEN
[ 7 ]   Shadows LISTEN
[ 8 ]   Pawel's Gallery #1 LISTEN
[ 9 ]   Pawel's Gallery #2 LISTEN
[10]   Pawel's Gallery #3 LISTEN
[11]   Tango Polskie LISTEN