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Songs I Heard
With You

David Jimerson
sings songs of
Richard Faith

Classical / Contemporary
Baritone, Piano

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Duration: 53 min.

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About David Jimerson

In 1971, as a graduate student at the University of Arizona, Jimerson met Faith. In that season he premiered the role of the King in Faith's new opera Sleeping Beauty. A lifelong collaboration and friendship began. Shortly thereafter, Richard composed By the Waters of Babylon, for David, which eventually grew into a four section cantata for choir and baritone soloist.

When the idea for a recording of David's singing was conceived, it only seemed natural that David and Richard should collaborate. The two men joined forces in December of 2000 and recorded the songs heard in this collection.

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[ 1 ]  It Is A Beauteous Evening LISTEN
[ 2 ]  The Blackbird LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Laura Sleeping LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Firefly LISTEN
[ 5 ]  The City In The Sea LISTEN
[ 6 ]  The Sun Has Set LISTEN
[ 7 ]  The Keen Stars Were Twinkling LISTEN
[ 8 ]  The Keen Stars Were Twinkling LISTEN
[ 9 ]  To Celia LISTEN
[10]  Chant LISTEN
[11]  Sea Fever LISTEN
[12]  To Cloris LISTEN
[13]  Music I Heard With You LISTEN
[14]  Remember Me LISTEN
[15]  Spring, The Sweet Spring LISTEN
[16]  To Helen LISTEN
[17]  It Was A Lover And His Lass LISTEN
[18]  Music, When Soft Voiced Die LISTEN

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