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Esprits Animaux
Part II

Teruhisa Fukuda


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Duration: 60 min.

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Teruhisa Fukuda continues his exploration on the edge of creation with one of the most ancient and expressive instruments ever, this time with Italian strings: Hisako Takahashi and Madoka Suzuki, violini; Chikako Nakamura, viola; Rie Yamauchi, violoncello; performing new works by Choji Kaneta, Yoshiyuki Doi, Atsuki Sumi, Naoshi Kukiyama and Koji Izumi.

"...convincingly asserts the shakuhachi as a true world class musical instrument... his mastery of sonority and nuance makes his performances compelling..."
-- Larry Tyrrell (Moonbridge)

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[ 1 ]  Shikisokuzekuu for Shakuhachi & Violin  [Choji Kaneta] LISTEN
[ 2 ]  Drawing for Shakuhachi, Violin & Cello  [Yoshiyuki Doi] LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Tomusu for Shakuhachi, Violin & Cello  [Atsuki Sumi] LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Via Air for Shakuhachi, Violin & Cello  [Naoshi Kukiyama] LISTEN
[ 5 ]  The Music of the Different Origin  [Koji Izumi] LISTEN