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Deep Waters

Laura Zaerr

New World Age
Harp w/flute
cello & soprano

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Duration: 56 min.

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Laura Zaerr, composer and harpist, with soprano LeaAnne DenBeste, flutist Alice Burke and cellist Dale Bradley, weaves a subtly understated story of love, longing and growth through the 12 tracks which make up this sweet collection of songs, mood pieces, tone poems and interludes.

"Laura's harp playing is flawless and expressive, and her composing exhibits the sophistication of one who has been doing it since childhood."
-- Mary DeMocker (Harpsounds)

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[ 1 ]  Flood Tide  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 2 ]  I Know a River  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Crystal Lace  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Land of Passages  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 5 ]  Towards Juneau  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 6 ]  Lonely Land  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 7 ]  Espresso Jazz  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 8 ]  Not for Me  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 9 ]  Touch Wings  (excerpt) LISTEN
[10]  Ascent  (excerpt) LISTEN
[11]  Seven Hundred Pieces  (excerpt) LISTEN
[12]  Lauda Variations  (excerpt) LISTEN