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Callings From
the Quiet Grove

David Helfand

Celtic Harp

Duration: 56 min.

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Original music from David Helfand in various
instrumentations: Celtic harp, mandocello, guitar,
keyboards, dumbeck and other percussion.

"Hefland's music surrounds the listener in a sphere of mystique and beauty...haunting rhythms and melodies in a successful mixture of Celtic and New Age traditions...gentle and romantic, alluring and exotic...will lift the spirit and allow it to roam free."
-- Growth/Harvest

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[ 1 ]  Ebbing of the Tide (Silent Wind)  (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 2 ]  Callings From the Quiet Grove (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Remember (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 4 ]  Thru the Veil (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 5 ]  Beyond the Shadoes (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 6 ]  Erev Shel Shoshanim (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 7 ]  The Forest (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 8 ]  Seven Vaults of Love (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 9 ]  Elven Home (excerpt) LISTEN
[10]  Vision Cry (excerpt) LISTEN
[11]  Ghost Ships (excerpt) LISTEN

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