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Last Minute Gifts

Rob Blakeslee


Duration: 60 min.

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[ 1 ]  Moss People (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 2 ]  Megan's Tugboat (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 3 ]  Gilmore's Boys (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 4 ]  It's Later Than You Think (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 5 ]  Huff Creek Road (excerpt) LISTEN
[ 6 ]  Advice from a Pufferfish (excerpt) LISTEN

Rob Blakeslee is a demanding musician. His demands are on himself. You can sense through listening to him play that he is continually pushing to reach new heights, to make new statements, to achieve new inspiration from saying something no one has said before. He puts a tremendous amount of emotion into his trumpet playing. That is what makes Last Minute Gifts such a rewarding listening experience. The music has a fresh and vital sense to it, one that continually challenges you as it challenged the performers.

Rob plays with clarity, and his solos have an acuteness that keeps them from falling into any preset groove. He develops his solos and the entire program in a way that does not allow you to predict the direction - a direction that is constantly changing with varied tempo, interlaced communication with the band, alternating rhythms, and diverse tonality. It all comes together as a decisive example of freely spun self and group expression.

He and his quartet explore the creative possibilities inherent in these six tunes, which were all composed by Rob and have a common thread. The program has all the elements of a suite. The music, however, is anything but composed, as you will quickly hear. The pieces are designed by Rob to be more directional, more like guideposts to allow the band to seek its own point of departure from the ensemble sections.

So listen to this group with open ears and see for yourself how the originality of these four artists is channeled into a great group endeavor. New and absorbing nuances emerge with each replaying. The rewards are ongoing.

Rob Blakeslee - trumpets, flugelhorn, percussion
Michael Vlatkovich - trombone
Clyde Reed - bass
Dave Storrs - drums, percussion

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